best otome games

Best Otome Games

Top 10 Best Otome Games to Play

Otome games, or romance games aimed at female viewers, may have started in Japan, but their attraction is finally reaching international viewers. In the past few years, more and more games have been published in English, enabling players worldwide to date their share of handsome guys. With interest in romance visual novels at an all-time high due to the widespread success of games like Dream Daddy in 2017. I desired to remove some misunderstandings regarding the otome game genre.

With otome games now getting a name for themselves on the market, For this list I have purposely excluded Otome apps (except Hakuoki, which is accessible on handheld consoles as well as iOS and Android). I have done this because a lot of the time apps I first played and enjoyed have now been withdrawn. There are also a lot of freemium Otome apps floating about, and due to this I have unhappily taken a step back from otome mobile gaming. Some are the best otome games that I have played from the past few years, and I have enjoyed games such as London Detective Storyby Think-a ltd, Shall We Date?


I will only list games that have taken official English translations, which means games explained by fan groups will be rejected. I also want to say that, although there are many otome games with elements. The one good feature in otome game is “full voice” which is to have voiceful acting throughout the game. and it can be done by the best voice actors. I will only include games that are essentially otome-based. The majority of the posted games are from well-established companies, although . There are so many indie games having the potential to be in the top list. For example, if you have not played the demo for Seven Kingdoms: The Princess Problem yet, then I suggest that you do check other games.


Here is the list of top 10 best Otome games that you can play :


  1. Mystic Messenger mystic massenger 
  2. OZMAFIA!! ozmafia


  1. Princess Debut princess debut 
  2. Dandelion -Wishes Brought to You– dandelion


  1. Collar X Malice Collar X Malice


  1. Code: Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~ 
  2. Norn9 norn9


  1. Hatoful Boyfriend hatoful boyfriend 
  2. Bad Apple Wars Bad Apple Wars
  3. Yo-Jin-Bo Yo Jin Bo 

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