free otome games

Free Otome Games

Are you looking For Free Otome Games that you can play? Here is the list of Top 10 Free Otome Games

Otomes Games are popular in all Japan and now in West World too.Otome is not a genre as it was before. Given, the genre is still underwhelmed with titles and many supporters still seem starved of games, but otome does seem to slowly be getting impulse. You are at the right spot to gain information about the free otome games available for you.

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Let me show you the list of free Otome Games:


My Candy Love

I’m putting this pretty low on the list because yes, it is free, but in the way, free-to-play mobile games are “free.” If you want to get anything done in this game, you either have to be patient or—inevitably—fork over some of your money for action points. This game is more focused on getting you to spend action points than progressing you through the story, but when you are in the storyline, it’s actually extremely fun. There are two main guys, one bad boy and one responsible type, and some that come and go, but your main character’s accessories and wardrobe are always there to stay—if you don’t delete your account, of course.

My advice? Just don’t get addicted to My Candy Love, or you’ll be tempted to buy those action points. Don’t do it, my friends.


Wonderland Days

Created by Deviantart member Pacthesis, this game stars you as the Alice that tumbles down into a wacky, whimsical Wonderland. Once there, you’re stuck for thirty days. Whoops! With all the handsome men around, though, you have an entertaining outlet, so the toughest choice you’ll have to make is which one you want to keep. The Madhatter? The Cheshire cat? The white rabbit—or maybe the secret character waiting inside the maze of the castle? It’s up to you.


Chrono Days

Another of Pacthesis’s creations, Chrono Days is probably the best of her otome game series. You can find love in either a steampunk past or a technologically diverse future, where handsome men and secret characters make the slim storyline much more interesting. Just make sure you have an updated flash player, and you’re ready to dive into thirty simulated days of romance.


Autumn’s Journey

Now I’ll admit, I haven’t played this baby yet, but I’ve heard an amazing thing or two about it, so I couldn’t resist placing it higher on the list. Autumn’s Journey gives you two routes with a shouta type character and a jerk type, and most importantly, an amazing, quality game to experience them through. With an entire magic system in place, this game’s storyline has received nothing but praise from everyone I’ve talked to—and all for free! The visuals I can certainly attest to being strong, warm, and of excellent quality, so give it a download and let me know your first-hand experience!


Seduce Me

Straight from the hands of creator Michaela Laws, this is definitely one of my favorite games. With the main character that’s processing the loss of a loved one, five potential demon boys with their own character progression exhibited throughout the storyline, and three girl routes if you’re looking for an alternative, this game has an experience every girl will love. For the record, I’m pretty sure I’m in love with Matthew forever. So cute!

Potential players should be aware that it can get a little steamy in the end—if you choose that option. One of the best things about this game is that it, and its characters, never push the main character into choosing a sexy ending, something I am sure many girls will greatly appreciate.And it’s all free—can you believe it?

While I’m talking about it, I should mention Seduce Me now has a sequel! Seduce Me 2: The Demon War is available now on Steam.


A Troll’s Fairytale

I debated putting this higher or lower than Seduce Me because it had fewer routes and it is shorter, but I’ll argue that the writing and visuals are higher quality. A Troll’s Fairytale may only have 2 routes instead of six, but my goodness, the characterization for everyone involved is too amazing to pass up. Acacia, our main character and classic grumpy troll, dreams of marrying for love instead of money, and of course, that kind of fairytale won’t come easy. Acacia is probably the most interesting and wild main character its been my pleasure to play, and I love how she grows throughout the story as well to realize her happy endings. While both guys are multi-faceted and interesting characters, I suggest Edovine’s route as a must-do. His and Acacia’s connection was something very special and well-developed, as it explored deeper themes of what it means to be yourself, the need for forgiveness, the pain of moving past old hurts, and what love really looks like between two people.


Asagao Academy

For fans of the Normal Boots team on youtube, here is a dating simulator where you can finally act out your love for the adorkable crew! Though it is for fans of these YouTubers, the love stories and characters are still more than delightful for regular otome fans, and luckily, even its referential jokes won’t alleviate out-of-the-loop players. One of the best in Otome Games list.

I’ve never experienced an otome game that felt so authentic and the characters so real, each with their flaws and strengths, and annoying tropes avoided without loss of interest in the story. The main character Hana has an amazing and painful story of her own that doesn’t come off heavy-handed, just close to home, and each of the possible routes you take helps her overcome it in a way unique to her relationship with the guy. And the most importand thing it’s free.


Some more Otome games are :

  • Pipe Dream.
  • Dark Nights.
  • Tailor Tales.
  • Royal Alchemist.
  • Ebon Light.
  • Joestar ☆ Struck.
  • The Pirate Mermaid.
  • XOXO Droplets.


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